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Graduate Record Examination
(GRE) Preparation

This four week 8 session workshop prepares prospective students to take the computer-adaptive Graduate Records Examination. The purpose of the course is to improve students’ performance on the GRE test by:

  • Providing students with successful test management techniques
  • Familiarizing students with question types specific to the GRE
  • Teaching the logical, rhetorical, and mathematical problem-solving techniques relevant to the GRE
  • Teaching essential grammatical and mathematical concepts and techniques in application to real test problems
  • Identifying the specific problems posed by the GRE, and analyzing common test-taking errors
  • Improving performance and reducing test anxiety through practice testing

This workshop is taught by Mary Gallagher who has helped hundreds of students perform better on their GRE examinations. While this workshop provides participants with very valuable information, techniques and strategies for maximizing their potential on the GRE. Please note that this course does not replace studying. In addition to taking this workshop we recommend that students dedicate significant time to studying for the examination in order to be truly prepared.

Please visit the Graduate Record Examination web site at to view information on the GRE exam.

Price $650

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